Anytime Lavender Lemonade

Delight your guests with freshly squeezed Lavender Lemonade at a moments notice!  Take your pre-made lemonade base right out of the freezer, add water, wait for it to melt, shake – ready!


To Make the Base:
Squeeze the juice from 12 Organic* Lemons (about 2 cups of juice)

Mix in 3 cups of Lavender Simple Syrup

Add one cup of filtered water to make six cups total.

This is your base.

Pour two cups of base into three quart-sized Mason Jars. (freeze for later use)


To Serve:

Fill the Mason Jar to the top with filtered water.

Allow frozen base to melt.


Pour over ice!

Top off with Lavender Ice Cubes.

The mixture of the “base” and the added water is the perfect combo for a sweeter lemonade.  To make the lemonade more sour, add the juice of more lemons until you reach the desired taste.

*Organic Lemons do not contain neurotoxic cholinesterase inhibitors that are typically found on commercial lemons.

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