Uproot Stomach Flu and Food Poisoning

…with the same remedy.

Two things are happening right now, one is an E-coli contaminated produce recall and the other is a resurgence of last year’s stomach flu. This, during the biggest time of the year for fellowship and sharing food… get prepared!


For food poisoning and stomach flu, Arsenicum Album 30c is the remedy to have in your arsenal.

Arsenicum Album is indicated for diarrhea or vomiting after eating or drinking. It will often address bad reactions to tainted foods from buffets, potluck dinners, or contaminated milk and produce.

The person who needs Arsenicum Album will often feel weak and exhausted or fearful and irritated. They are sensitive to cold floors, cold air, and feel as if they were poisoned. And again, at any sign of diarrhea and/or vomiting I go for this remedy.

Within 4 doses of this remedy (or sometimes after only one dose), relief should be apparent. The remedy can then be continued every three or four hours until complete restoration. Once the symptoms stop, stop taking the remedy.

Mothers love to have a plan-of-attack prepared for those times when illness comes on suddenly and unexpectedly. Arsenicum Album can offer comfort and a means to gently uproot these stomach-related illnesses before the problem becomes something more serious. Relief can occur within minutes or hours, relief of mind comes sooner after you become experienced using Arsenicum Album.

Preventative measures should include cooking foods to the proper temperatures and washing all purchased produce as a part of your food preparation. Dairy should be omitted as soon as any illness is detected. (It’s best to avoid dairy completely at the onset of any type of illness, as it can cause an increase in mucous.)

Please be on guard for signs of dehydration and other signs that indicate an emergency situation is at hand. Always consult your doctor or healthcare professional with your concerns. Severe dehydration can occur if loss of fluids continue.

Arsenicum Album 30c can be ordered through my office, or purchased at your local health food store.

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